Art Jaffa

Jaffa Fest will host an exhibition by the students of the Avni Institute, who present the city of Jaffa form their personal point of view. The students were asked to pick different points in the city, and over the course of six months have studied them, connected to the landscape, the people, the culture and the heritage. The pieces display the work process and their subjective grasp of the space, through a variety of artistic media, such as painting, drawing, sculpture, photography and writing, concentrating on one focus-point changing from one point in time to another.


Presenting: Hanan Sabat, Renli Griselda, Moreno Mia, Sabach Meitar, Liza Bardugo


The Avni Institute for Art and Design was founded in 1936, and resides in the Noga complex in Jaffa. The institute teaches the various fields of visual art, curatorial studies, visual communication, interior design, industrial design, and fashion design.



June 13-30


Gesher Theatre`s Foyer