Herzl said...

A play by Roy Chen


'If you will it, it is no dream; and if you do not will it, a dream it is and a dream it will stay"



Israel is the world-wide start-up nation. It's time to get acquainted with the person who gave the impetus to its foundation.

In 1902, Theodore Herzl published his book "Altneuland" (Old New Land). The plot is a distant future in which a Jewish State is already created. This book is a tale-guide to the builders of the new society on the Promised Land:

- The Third Temple is build
- The first Jewish opera in Haifa
- Separation of religion and the state
- Bicycle paths and highways
- Equal rights for women
- Jews and Arabs live in peace and harmony
- The railway from Jaffa to Cairo
All this is only a small part of the great dream of Theodor Herzl.
The 70th anniversary of the state of Israel is an excellent occasion to remember what Herzl said and check what happened in reality.



Cast: Gilad Kletter, Henry David, Ori Yaniv, Ruth Rasyuk, Eli Menasheh, Asaf Parienteh, Ziv Zohar Meir



June 5th, 20:00


Gesher Theatre


Hebrew with English and Russian subtitles


1 hour 20 minutes with no intermission