To The End of the Land

By David Grossman
German by Anne Birkenhauer
Adapted to the stage by Jessica Glause and Alexander Leiffheidt
Directed by Jessica Glause


A son volunteers to go to war. What remains for his mother to do? Wait. Wait and see whether the son will return alive, or whether one morning, officers will be knocking on her front door, delivering the message that she fears the most: her son, Ofer, has been killed in action.

Ora, however, is not that kind of woman. She refuses to play her part. She refuses to be drawn into the logic of war. Her protest is to escape. She hopes her son will be safe as long as the dreaded message does not reach her. So Ora determines to set off on a journey to "the end of the land", isolating herself from the world. As if through a magic ritual, she tries to shelter her son, keep him safe in her thoughts and memories, shielded by her maternal love.


David Grossman is one of the most prominent Israeli authors of his generation. His novel "To The End Of The Land" (published 2008) is a depiction of the inextricable entanglement of human beings on both sides of the Middle-East conflict, caught up in stories of hope and pain, courage and protest. It is a powerful plea for peace, shown for the first time on a German-speaking stage in Jessica Glause’s sensitive and thoughtful production.


Stage design: Mai Gogishvili
Costume design: Hugo Holger Schneider
Music: Joe Masi
Dramaturge: Alexander Leiffheidt
Cast: Eva Bühnen, David Campling, Christina Geiße, Sarah Grunert, Altine Emini, Matthias Redlhammer


A 2019 production by Städtische Bühnen Frankfurt am Main GmbH (Germany), generously supported by Patronatsverein. The performance in Israel is supported by Frankfurt am Main municipality and the Goethe-Institut.


The performance will be followed by a discussion with author David Grossman:

The German and Israeli perspectives on "To the End of the Land".

Featuring author David Grossman, director Hanan Snir, director of Goethe Institut Israel Dr. Iro Wolf,  actors Efrat Ben Zur and Dror Keren along with the German production cast. Moderator: Noam Semel


Grossman onstage

Jaffa Fest International Theatre Festival presents a special spotlight on the literary works of author David Grossman, winner of the Man Booker Prize and the Israel Prize. Grossman's works have been successfully adapted for the stage in Israel and around the world for decades. How does the literary work of Grossman appear when brought to life on-stage?

The festival program will examine this question, focusing on three of Grossman's most prominent works: To the End of the Land by the Schauspiel Theatre of Frankfurt Germany, a world premiere of the documentary piece The Yellow Wind, and a new adaptation of the seminal novel See Under: Love.

The performances will be accompanied by discussions with the author, in a space that enables a dialogue between reality and fiction, life and art.






June 30, 20:00


Gesher Theatre


German with Hebrew surtitles


2 hours with no intermission