Kendama games workshop

Street games and juggling, in collaboration with Kendama Israel Center
Kendama is a game that combines creativity, balance and focus. You focus on the
target, and flow numerous times until you succeed in fitting the ball to the spike. In
kendama we practice hand-eye coordination in a way unlike almost any other game.
When learning to play kendama, we help you acquire the proper techniques and
start with the basic moves. In time you will learn new techniques and tricks by
yourself and and turn yourself into a champion. You will enjoy learning how much
you’re capable of.
The game’s origin is unknown, but it spreaded in Japan some 150 years ago and
since has evolved into a popular competitive sport among children as well as adults.
In Japan it even consists a part of the curriculum.
The game incorporates balance, focus, hand-eye coordination and concentration.
On its advanced levels, it enables endless creativity.


Date: May 19-21, 10:00-14:00
Location: Gesher Theater piazza