Let's Dance 1919-2019

A renewal of the historic production, premiered 25 years ago
In celebration of Jaffa Theatre`s 20th anniversary

A theatre project evoking the history of a Jaffa Café and Dance Hall from the beginning of the 20th Century to the present. Historic landmarks of Palestine/Israel are seen as turning points in the history of this hall. The band of nine actors and orchestra embodies the different types each period and their relationships in the language of movement, music, dance and theatre without words, against the background of outside events: courtships, forbidden loves, disappointments and separations.

Script: Sinai Peter, Gaby Aldor, Igal Ezraty.
Directing: Igal Ezraty, Gaby Aldor
Set Design: Uri Onn
Music: Eldad Lidor
Cast: Sophie Zedaka, Gaby Aldor, Rauda Sliman, Yair Vardi, Morad Hassan, Yonatan Agassi, Anwar Jur, David Shamul, Kfir Livne-Amram
Features nine actors/dancers and live orchestra



June 25th, 8 pm


Jaffa Theatre


approx. 1 hour and 30 minutes

A play without words