Mozart and Salieri

In the fall of 1830 Pushkin stayed in the village of Boldino and there within several days he wrote some of his works that had become indispensable cultural assets of the Russian literature.These include four plays which became known as The Little Tragedies.
The Little Tragedy Mozart and Salieri revolves around the relationship between composers Antonio Salieri and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, characterized by envy and admiration. Salieri is rumored to have poisoned Mozart for not being able to bear his genius. Pushkin plunges into this complex relationship and explores the concepts of envy and genius, the difference between one artist and another, and raises the question: can genius and evil both reside in one heart?
The performances incorporates live classical music by Mozart, Salieri and others.



The Center for Contemporary Music Ha`teiva, Jerusalem Ave 19, Jaffa


The performance accompanied by live music, in collaboration with the 21st Century Ensemble


Play by:

 Alexander Pushkin

New translation from Russian by

Roy Chen

Directed by:

Yonatan Esterkin


Sasha Demidov and Daniel Demidov.

Music Director and Pianist:

Yuval zorn 

Actress and Violin player:

Alexa Lerner 



May 11, 13:30 | May 11, 21:30 | May 12, 18:00


HaTeiva Hall

Running time

approx. 1 hour