Eve conference #3

Random sessions for new thoughts on form and content in contemporary theater.



Dafna Kron


What are the new cultural centers? What is contemporary theater in the digital age? What is between performance and the culinary artform? Are there alternate interpretations for the concept of “audience”? And how do we make art mobile?


Over twenty inspiring minds from different sectors and fields were invited to EVE’s third convention to share their knowledge and artistic experience. The audience is welcome to immerse itself in three, 20-minute random sessions, each providing a different, unexpected experience. Throughout the evening, every participant will go through a random yet not incidental, rattling yet inspirational course. The encounter with the Other, the shared knowledge and intimacy will echo through space, turning the event into an immersive work of art and an exploration of the Contemporary.



Lital Nimrod, Eve - Independent Theatre Makers Association

Graphic Design:



For further details on the event, go to Eve website at eve.org.il   


 Eve - Independent Theatre Makers Association - non-profit independent theatre and performance art creators organization was founded by a group of artists who came together for a common goal: to enhance the independent creation scene in Israel: to create new horizons for action, to cultivate and promote independent Israeli creation and creators. Every year, the organization produces a rendezvous for the professional artists' community in Israel. This year, the EVE Encounter itself will become an immersive multi-person creation. 


The event is open to artists and creators of all fields.


Event for professional artists from all fields of arts.

Number of tickets is very limited



June 29th at 8:30 pm


Moadon Hateatron, Jerusalem Avenue 10, Jaffa