An innovative staging of the scandalous play by the radical author Sarah Kane - Gesher Theater in collaboration with Notzar Theater
When reality is war, morality loses its validity and life is no more than a bleeding hell. BLASTED is Kane’s first play, which she wrote while still a student.
The play was first performed in a small theater at the Royal Court Theater in London where it caused a storm of controversy and polarized reactions.
She was attacked by critics. Admired by colleagues. Sarah Kane hung herself with her shoelaces at the young age of 28. Following her passing theater critics stated that they had misjudged her and that she was a “major talent” (Michael Billington).
This is BLASTED’s premiere in Israel.
Ian: “I’ve seen dead people. They’re dead. They’re not somewhere else, they’re dead.”
The performance contains nudity.




Nisan Nativ studio, 5 Noam st. Yaffo 

A Play by Sarah Kane

Direction and stage concept: 

Avi Gibson Bar-El


Lilach Dekel Avneri


Alon Oppenheim, Yael Mor and Yonatan Miler

Artistic guidance:

Eran Bohem

Stage motion consulter and set manufacture:

Eran Lavi

Assistant director and costume design:

Rinat Moskuna

Set design:

Dina Konson

Lighting and music design:

Nadav Barnea

Speech and language:

Bahat Calachi


Nimrod Zin

Graphic Language:

Noam Levkovic

Artistic consultant:

Amir Orian - The Room Theater

Special thanks:

Itay Doron for his knowledge and teaching, Yifat Barzilay, Noam Semel, Talia Ben Ami, Jason

Danino-Holt, Marina Baltov, Ran Leshem, Nissan Nativ Acting Studio and Habait Theater