The Hipster Academy

A duration event on the topic of performance and new media, in collaboration with the Mandel Cultural Center

Curatorship: Ido Feder


The School for Hipsters is a first of its kind duration event whose materials are performance and new media. It will take place as part of the Jaffa Theater Festival at a communal and urban center - the Mandel Cultural Center in Jaffa.

The audience, the school’s students, will be invited to attend a school day during which it will study and receive tools for coping emotionally, intellectually and technologically with this age. This is a proposition for coping with the “like economy” and the “smartphone age” and their influence on our existence, our soul and our body, in a pedagogical and artistic context. The audience will receive a curriculum and will participate in theory classes and practical workshops, play during recess, be sent to the school counselor. The faculty and the school staff are comprised of various artists that will offer their guidance in experience rooms, containing performative mind games in various mediums -  video, installation, sound and dance as well as all the new technologies available in a smartphone. We will study the existing mediums of the history of art and the renewable mediums of the virtual world.




Mandel Cultural Center


School management: 

Yael Dahan is a content editor and producer at the Mandel Cultural Center

Haim Vitali Coen is a founding member of Kok Schok, a DJ, musican and multidisiciplanary artist.

Yochay Matos is a founding member of Kok Schok and a plastic artist.

Ido Feder is a choreograph, the artistic director of Diver Festival and Tights: Dance and Thought.
School staff:
Michal Helfman is an artist and senior faculty lecturer for B.A and M.A. in the Fine Art Department at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design.
Omer Krieger is an artist and art and performance curator.
Maya Landsman is an actress.
Sami Zibak is a DJ and fashion figure.
Shahar Se is part of the Kok Schok team, a DJ, story artist and dancer.


May 12, 14:00-20:00 - school day. At 20:00 - party.

Running time: 

6 hours