The Chinese who Read a Newspaper while Waiting for the Gallows

A special performance on the bar - a first staging of the work from the brilliant Argentinian author.
Gabriella, a woman whose beauty transcends all imagination, and Besvaldo, a neurotic aspiring writer, meet in a bar. She doesn’t say no and doesn’t say yes, he understands what he wants to understand and so they form a relationship that’s romantic and filled with lies.
A suspenseful and amusing absurd detective love story!
Based on the short and popular novella, published by Nine Lives Press.



Cuckoo's Nest bar-gallery, 3 Noam st, Tel-Aviv


By Ricardo Strafacce



Sonia Barchilon

Adaptation and direction:

Michael Kramenko



May 24, 26, 27  20:00


approx. 1 hour