International program of "Ha-Simta" Theatre

River of Stone | USA-Israel


Talia Van-Son and Creative Diplomacy in collaboration with Hasimta Theatre

Conceived by Peter Melnick and Paul Warner

Directed by Paul Warner

Actors creators: Rona-Lee Shimon, Ido Tadmor


Book by Ty Defore based on Chinese Bronze Age Courtship Poetry (800 – 600 B.C.E.)

Drawing on the powerful language of Chinese Courtship poetry from the Bronze Age and a raw, contemporary score, River of Stone tells the story of a troubled love affair, from a woman’s perspective. The romance begins innocently, and with great heat, but things soon darken. When the relationship begins to fracture, their love turns ugly and, before long, unbearable. And then, suddenly… it is over. Out of these ashes arises an epiphany. The woman finds herself on a new journey, moving from trauma to healing, from darkness to light.


River of Stone was developed by Creative Diplomacy, which brings together the highest caliber Israeli talent, in creative collaboration with extraordinary members of the global community. It is about forging cultural bridges, and broadening the world’s perceptions about Israel. On a deeper level, it is about inspiring people, and about making a difference.


Costumes: Shalev Lavan

Musical arrangement: Joseph E-Shine (Yossi Mizrahi)

Choreography: Ido Tadmor

Music and Additional Lyrics: Peter Melnick



June 20, 8 pm>>
June 21, 2 pm>>
June 22, 8 pm>>



Worlds in Collision | Uzbekistan


The State Young Theatre of Uzbekistan


A play by Iddo Netanyahu

Director - Nabi Abdurakhmanov

The play takes place during the 1950s.  It is inspired by a series of meetings between Prof. Albert Einstein and Dr. Immanuel Velikovsky and on letters and manuscripts exchanged between the two, as well as on other events in their lives at the time.



June 23, 8pm>>

June 24, 8 pm>> 



Ha-Simta Theatre


River of Stone | USA-Israel

June 20, 8 pm

June 21, 2 pm

June 22, 8 pm





Worlds in Collision | Uzbekistan

June 23, 8pm

June 24, 8 pm



Russian with Hebrew surtitles