Woyzeck | Hungary

National Theatre, Budapest, Hungary



Georg Büchner

Directed by:

Attila Vidnyánszky Jr.


The protagonist is the epitome of the low man who is unable to navigate the wars and vices of society. He is the product of his environment, mostly consisting of tight-lipped, burned-out characters who are gripped by anxiety, destructive instincts and love that has gone sour. Redemption is constantly at arm's length, but its proximity only accelerates Woyzeck's fall towards his tragic ending.

Woyzeck is a play by Georg Büchner, which has become one of the most performed and influential works in the German theatre repertoire. The young team of creators is looking for the answer whether we can still recognize our emotions and humanity in a world of loneliness, battling for fictitious ideas. Which thoughts can be considered natural and which ones are the destructive products of artificial social processes?




June 14, 15 - 20:30


Nissan Nativ acting studio at Alexander Grass building

Performance length:

2 hours


Hungarian with Hebrew subtitles