Woyzeck | Hungary

National Theatre, Budapest, Hungary


By: Georg Büchner
Directed by: Attila Vidnyánszky Jr.


One of the most influential theatrical works by Georg Büchner is injected with contemporary socio-political meaning, when the setting is relocated to a nightclub in Brazil's favelas.


Accompanied by compelling fast-paced music.


The young team behind the production attempts to understand whether we can still recognize honest human feeling within us in a world of estrangement and loneliness, full of struggles over ideas and principles.
Which ideas can we consider natural and which ones are the product of artificial and destructive processes?


The protagonist is the epitome of the low man, bound the wars and vices of society. He is failed by his environment, mostly consisting of tight-lipped, burned-out characters who are gripped by anxiety, destructive instincts and love that has gone sour. Redemption seems constantly at arm's length, but its closeness only accelerates Woyzeck's fall towards the tragic ending.


Production Designer: Kinga Vecsei Réta
Dramaturgist: Miklós H. Vecsei
Music: Szabolcs Mátyássy
Stage Manager: Márta Kabai
Whisper: Szilvia Kabódi, Ákos Trimmel


Cast: Márk Nagy, Ágnes Barta,  Tibor Fehér, Roland Bordás, László Szabó Sebestyén, Bence Böröndi guest artist / Zalán Kisari e.h., Péter Herczegh, Tamás Kovács guest artist / Zoltán Gyöngyösi guest artist, Dániel Benedek, Nikolett Szabó, Martin Mészáros, Sándor Berettyán, Domán Szép




June 14, 15 - 20:30


Nissan Nativ acting studio at Alexander Grass building

Performance length:

2 hours


Hungarian with Hebrew subtitles