Reverse | Russia

The performance is held as part of "The Golden Mask" in Israel" project



On the edge of physical capability



Andrej Koltsov, Irina Drojjina


"Reverse", the experimental show by the Moscow Musical Theatre, is a story about the internal and external struggles of man. About his lowest and most glorious manifestations, which reveal themselves only in extremes. About this seesawing between opposing qualities of his being. About the aspiration for change and a return to the old self. And finally – about the main choice, which, at least once in a lifetime, stands before every human.

The directors Andrej Koltsov and Irina Drojjina, together with the choreographer Debra Brown, have created a supersaturated dynamic performance, which does not fit the frame of any existent theatrical genre. "Reverse's" actors erase the boundaries between dramatic and physical theatre, choreography and acrobatics. However, the falls, flights above the audience, balancing on dynamic pylons, and other stunts – are not simply effective devices but a medium for storytelling and revealing the characters' inner world.


Music: Misha Mishenko
Choreography: Debra Brown (Canada)
Light: Joachim Bart (Germany)

Cast: Ksenya Timofeeva, Daria Petrova, Sergey Tsarkov, Timur Pastukhov, Alexey Kostyushin, Alexander Girenko, Sergey Shumskikh, Anastasya Ereemeva, Roman Anokhin, Rinat Minekaeev, Alexey Volkov, Yuliya Chernogaeva, Artem Samsonov, Irina Drojjina, Nikita Gergert, Darya Eremeeva




Moscow Theatre of Musical



Gesher Theatre


June 27, 28, 20:00


1 hour 15 min.