Gayathri Venkataraghan | India

India Weekend
Instrumental show from India

Gayathri Venkataraghavan is a prominent exponent of Carnatic Music who has performed concerts around the world for over two decades. Indian Classical Music was born during the ancient Vedic times and is believed to be a Divine Art Form.

Blessed with an incredible voice that can traverse different octaves effortlessly, she has honed her skill through the years, making her a very sought after artist both in India and abroad. She has performed in important music festivals across the globe. As a much travelled artist, she recognises the universality of music and its amazing ability to unite people around the world.



Indian Weekend at HaSimta Theatre: A celebration of colors, sights, sounds and flavors.

Theatre, music, public Bollywood dancing in the theatre plaza, an Indian pop-up restaurant on the theatre's rooftop, a sari dress exhibition, a henna decoration activity along with a bazaar of jewelry, clothes and Indian crafts.

with the support of the Embassy of India

Carnatic Group led by:

Ms. Gayathri Venkataraghan


May 4, 19:30 | May 5, 21:00


Hasimta Theater


approx.1 hour