Behind the eyes | Turkey

Written by the renowned Israeli author Nava Semel, the Monodrama The Child behind the Eyes tells the story of a mother of a Down's syndrome child on the night before he goes to school. This special production offers a delicate dialogue between text, movement and sound. Alongside the sensitive text presented by the new-shining actress Eda Kanduluthe as the mother, this stage adaptation is accompanied by 4 acoustic musicians led by the famous Turkish singer Özgün Uğurlu. The actress, as well as the musicians, move on stage and from stage to the audience, surrounding them, together they sing, act and dance the story of joy, pain and life.

This is the third time director Kemal Basar has worked on the play The Child behind the Eyes. The first version took place 20 years ago in Teatrul GA Petculescu – Romania, and it continues to play until this day. For the second time, Basar directed the play for Ankara State Theatre in Turkey and it has ran successfully for 6 seasons. Throughout the years the two productions won many prizes and claimed many praises.



with the support of the Embassy of Turkey



Jaffa Theatre

Directed by:

Kemal Başar

Music by:

Özgün Uğurlu

Light design by:

Yüksel Aymaz

Costume design by:

Mine Erbek Gökbuget

Choreography by:

Alpaslan Karaduman

Orchestra director:

Nejat Dimili

Musical director:

Tevfik Akbaşlı


Murat Zor

Project Coordinator:

Metin Çanak



Özgün Uğurlu

Eda Kandulu

Ziya Serkan Doğan (Acordeon, dance)
Melike Çetin (Violin, ukulele, dance)
Erkan Celebi (Cajon, drums, dance)
Güney Kumaş (Guitar, ukulele)