Magadan / Cabaret | Russia

A musical performance that is entirely a tribute to songs and texts created in the far north of Russia, in Magadan region.
Strangers, old songs, work camp grief. This is how they dressed and sang more than 40 years ago. The time of these song has gone, but what is it that makes our hearts grate when we hear these songs now?


Okolo Theater (the theater near Stanislavski’s house)



Theater Club, opposite to Gesher Theater. Yerushalaim Ave. 10, Tel Aviv-Yafo

The performance is in Russian, no subtitles.

 Stage director:

Yuri Pogrebnichko


Dmitry Bogdan, Alexander Orav, Alexey Sidorov, Natalya Rozhkova, Nikolai Kosenko, Lilya Zagorskaya, Maria Pogrebnichko.



May 11, 20:00 | May 12, 20:00


approx. 75 Minutes