Mira Fuchs | Australia

Mira Fuchs is an expert. An expert private dancer. She is the public face of Savage Amusement artist Melanie Jame Wolf's 8 year private life working as a stripper in one of Melbourne's largest Gentleman's Clubs. Mira wants to dance you through the myriad questions and contradictions of this work, that time & her world. Offering Melanie Jame's own story as a looking glass through which audiences are invited to critically reflect on their position, Mira Fuchs draws on the specific vocabularies of this extended  8 year bodily practice. Mira Fuchs seeks to question ideas around gender, sexuality, pleasure, performative intimacy, and dance & performance as labour. Made for an audience of 35 in the round, the work proposes itself as an abstracted memoir of the body as a political riddle.

PAF Berlin | Sophiensaele | June 2017 Theater Rampe | Stuttgart | June 2017 Schwankhalle | Bremen | January 2017

Quarter Block Party | Cork | February 2017 Arts House | Melbourne | June 2016 Antistatic Festival | Sofia | April 2016

Body Talk Festival | Münchner Kammerspiele | July 2016 My Body Is My Business Festival | Sophiensaele | Berlin | March 2016

transeuropa | Hildesheim | May 2015 BUZZCUT Festival | Glasgow | March 2015  

Premiere | Tanztage | Sophiensaele | Berlin | January 2015




Habait Theatre, Nissan Nativ acting studio

Video and performance choreography:

Melanie Jame Wolf / Savage Amusement 

The show is in English with no translation.

Sound design:

Carl Anderson, Savage Amusement, two4k

Manager and Executive producer:

Omer Alsheich


May 16, 20:00 | May 17, 20:00 | May 18, 22:00 


approx. 80 minutes