The Solar Line | Russia

The performance revolves around the complicated relationship of a couple who doesn't listen to each other. Each of them views reality differently. The director sees the performance as a ‘couples therapy’ of sorts, and there may be couples in the theater that would find this therapy helpful in working out some issues...

Barbara (Yulia Peresild) and Werner (Andrey Burkovsky) are a couple. The sex is okay. There are some problems. They're happy. They're unhappy. Months, or maybe years of action go by, and they talk about the things couples talk about, they think about going dancing, they get into a fight. The volume is at peak, the physical comedy is at peak. There's a lot of swearing. A tender moment. A lot more swearing.

"The Solar Line is unreal but recognizable, cathartic, exhausting, relaxing. We know Werner and Barbara, even if we don't know them, even if most of what they say is ridiculous. (Clever, but ridiculous.) (Pointed, clever, and ridiculous).

When they shout, our voices feel hoarse. It's that kind of play". Broadwayworld


Meyerhold Theater and Cultural Center, Moscow



Gesher Theatre

Play by: 

Ivan Vyrypaev

Directed by:

Viktor Ryzhakov


75 minutes, no intermission.