Children of a Lesser God

An Tony award winning play with deaf and hearing actors
Sarah Norman is a housekeeper at a school for deaf children. Her refusal to use her voice and her insistence to communicate only through sign language presents James, a young and ambitious teacher and speech therapist at the school, with a great challenge. This challenge leads to the development of a surprising and volatile love story between the two.
Various deaf and hearing characters and their stories are weaved in the affair, and together they tell a complex tale confronting the audience with emotional, social and communication issues, that are part of our day to day reality.
What is the connection between love, language, community, men, women, relationships, parenting and friendship, and our individual identity?



Nalaga'at Theater

Written by:

Mark Medoff

Translated by:

Ido Ricklin

Directed by:

Noam Shmuel


May 3 20:30 / May 4 12:00 / May 29 20:30


approx. 1 hour