Rothko’s Chapel

Immanuel Church, As Part of the ‘HaTeiva Marathon Festival’
A music creation by Morton Feldman for a soprano, alto, mixed choir and ensemble.
Rothko Chapel for The iconic composition by the American composer Morton Feldman will be performed for the first time in Israel by Israeli Contemporary Players and the Moran Choir. The work was written in 1971 for the meditation room of the Rothko Chapel in Houston, which was built to house 14 large paintings of the American painter Mark Rothko.
After the performance a lecture will be held. Duration includes the lecture's time.



June 2, 19:00


Immanuel Church 

Running time:

approx. 1 hour


Conducted by:

Yuval Zorn

Composed by:

Morton Feldman

Amit Landau - viola

Oded Geizhals - percussion

Ido Akov - celesta

Moran choir

Guy Pelc - resident conductor

Naomi Faran - Music Director

Assaf Shelleg will introduce Morton Feldman and his composition.