Based on a play By Maor Zaguri. With the Jaffa Youth Ensemble, The Voice of Youth Association


In a country drenched with war, nine boys and girls find shelter in an abandoned theater and decide to establish “Boom”- the first republic without grown ups. In “Boom”, they believe, things will be different. They crown a leader and establish a set of rules for maintaining the republic, and whoever brakes these rules must be punished. The grown ups outside with all their wars - let them stay there.  As time goes by the youths understand that running a republic is a complicated affair and as time passes they face more and more difficulties and conflicts, and here human nature prevails. But what is human nature? And can man change his ways? And can a society change it set of values?



May 31 20:30


Auditorium Anis

Running time:

approx. 90 minutes