Homage to Else Lasker-Schüler

Part of the ‘HaTeiva Marathon Festival’
Music by Joseph Tal
a cooperation between the Israel Contemporary Players and Musiktheater Wien.

"Elsa - my blue piano - scene" a staged evening.
Else Lasker-Schüler (February 11, 1869 - January 22, 1945) was a Jewish German poet and playwright famous for her bohemian lifestyle in Berlin. She was one of the few women affiliated with the Expressionist movement. Lasker-Schüler fled Nazi Germany and lived out the rest of her life in Jerusalem.
The evening is dedicated to her life and art.




Supported by:


May 31, 20:00



HaTeiva Hall


approx. 90 minutes.

Conducted by:


Yuval Zorn

Directed by:


Bruno Berger - Gorski

Einat Aronstein – sopran (Elsa 1) 

Ethel Merhaut- sopran (Elsa 2)

Adi Etzion Zach - actress (Older Elsa)

Carmit Levite - narrator

Israel Contemporary Players

In cooperation with Musiktheater Wien

Thanks to Austrian Culturforum Tel Aviv, German Embassy Tel Aviv, Zukunftsfond Wien,

(Nationalfonds Wien, Bundeskanzleramt Wien)