Concert in the Dark

The best classical pieces in complete darkness
A classical concert in the dark - the Israel Chamber Orchestra
The Nalaga’at Center and the Israel Chamber Orchestra present for the first time in Israel a different listening experience, in complete darkness. Celebrated masterpieces from Bach, Mozart, Vivaldi, Strauss and other composers are played without sheet music and without any eye contact between the orchestra and the conductor or between the players themselves. The performances incorporates orchestral music alongside solo pieces, duets and triplets. The players are located in various positions across the theater to create a peripheral sound experience. The Israel Chamber Orchestra has been active for more than 50 years of creation, during which it managed to bring classical music back to center stage. This series of performances will offer the audience a rare opportunity to detach themselves from the inevitable stimuli of everyday life and, through the dark, give themselves away to the wonderful sounds of the musical realm.



Nalaga’at Theater


May 16, 20:30


approx. 90 minutes