Jaffa Sights

A theatrical performance based on Menahem Talmi’s book


A musical theatrical performance based on Menahem Talmi’s book The Sights and Knights of Jaffa which portrays the tales and characters of Jaffa, combined with songs entirely about the city. From the set list: You Love Jaffa, There’s No Place Like Jaffa At Night, Jaffa I Love You Today, and more. A funny, moving and rhythmic performance. The stories were lovingly assembled by Shimon Mimran, who weaved into them the soundtrack of that place and era. Among the female characters we find Bracha Ambulance - a girl that’s a “real treasure”; the hardworking students “Take me in your Arms” who is less Jaffa and more Tel Aviv; Roza “God Full of Mercy” who constantly buries husbands; and Old Hachura who always knows best… And Jaffa’s men… One by one... Yaakov the Romanian from the bicycle shop, Haim “Wound”, “Pretty” Angel, Elimelech Kukuricou and Sami The Sneezer… and they each have a song: Boom Pam, Sigal, A Real Treasure Girl and more…


Auditorium Anise


Galit Giat, Ido Mosseri/Gil Kepten, Yaniv Swisa and Shimon Mimran

Musical direction:

Roy Zu-Arets


Nadav Rubinstein/Roy Zu-Arets


May 5 20:30


approx. 75 minutes