Opening Parade

With the participation of creators Fyodor Makarov and Adam Reid (Serious Clowns) and the Jaffa Orthodox Scouts Club


The festival’s opening parade is a carnivalesque happening of rhythm, music and theater produced in a collaboration between the Jaffa Orthodox Scouts Club Marching Band, conducted by Rania Fahel, and the Israeli-Australian dou Serious Clowns. The parade will begin at the Jaffa Clock Tower Square and will conclude at the Gesher Theater piazza.

Creator Fyodor Makarov studied philosophy, photography and visual theater. In the last decade he participated and created international productions and established two theater companies: ISH and DAVAI.

Creator Adam Reid is a leading performer with an international reputation in physical theater. in the last decade he participated in large and acclaimed international productions.

The Jaffa Orthodox Scouts Club Band was formed in the 70’s under the banner of playing the best eastern and western symphonies, and particularly the eastern ones, as they saw it as a cultural manifestation that will strengthen the roots of the club’s cultural identity. The band comprises 100 musicians. The marching band utilizes wind instruments, brass and percussion. The fusion of the western instruments and the eastern tunes brings the two cultures together.

Today, it is regarded as one of the leading bands in the country, as well as the Scouts’ spinal cord and main drive.

The band performed in various regions of Israel and abroad and is active all year. The band conductor is artist Rania Ramati Fahel.


May 3 beginning at 18:00


The parade will begin at the Jaffa Clock Tower Square

:Running time

approx. 90 minutes